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16 nov

Startup Weekend 2013 in DC at the Uber Offices #SWDC

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If you want to see the party scene here at the Uber Offices on a Saturday night, you can see all the partying and dancing here. All joking aside, everyone is locked away in their offices, working hard. A lot … Continue reading

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15 nov

Startup Weekend DC 2013 – Do’s and Dont’s

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Startup Weekend is a nonprofit company that aims to provide workshops and intense development environments the ability to network and get together for one weekend, or a 54 hour work weekend, to invent, develop, and create a new idea, launching … Continue reading

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13 nov

Tiss the Season to Spend on Black Friday

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I get excited around the Black Friday time period through to the beginning of the new year. It seems that I always find some tremendous savings either between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or on Christmas Day through New Years … Continue reading

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29 oct

Exercise While Working – Treadmill Stand Setup

***, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Office

The new thing these days is people standing up while working. Take any cashiers job, where you have to be on your feet mostly all day, and you begin to build some endurance. For all those out there in computer-lala … Continue reading

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18 oct

Explaining CakePHP – Overall Whiteboard View

***, Architecture, CakePHP, Databases, Design, Internet, Linux, Office

I was explaining and teaching someone CakePHP the other day. Naturally, a whiteboard gets used to share the overall view of the system. The specific version was CakePHP 1.2. And since I did this work, I thought I should share … Continue reading

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9 oct

Fox News’ New Studio Is Equipped With Huge Tablets

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Pretty cool enormous tablets. Reported to be large Microsoft Surface devices to surf social media with plenty of space to monitor everything.

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2 oct

How has the Web changed the World?

***, Companies, Internet, Mobility, News, Office, Rants

A proposed news-letter that I wrote for one of my most recent contracts. How has the Web changed the World? SourceAmerica has gone through so many changes over the past two years. Between launching a completely new revamped Public Website … Continue reading

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24 sep

What Happens When People Don’t Pay Their Developers?

***, Companies, Design, Internet, News, Office, Rants

If you are a client of mine, seriously do not take this the wrong way. I have way more class than this. But, it is pretty funny. So, what happens when you do not pay your web developer? Well, those … Continue reading

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24 sep

Importance of Ticketing Systems in App Dev

***, Architecture, Office, Rants

Ticketing Systems are extremely important in IT environments! In many places it’s pretty easy to find a single developer who is in charge of several requirements and development roles, where they are deploying or releasing an application that happens to … Continue reading

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6 sep

Hiding IT From Family and Friends

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How true is this? Now and days I don’t get asked all that much to help out with an IT thing here or there. I’ve made it pretty clear that I spend every waking second dealing with IT, so when … Continue reading

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