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8 dec

Demo Your iOS App Within a Web Browser

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Developers have an awesome new way to share and test their latest iOS apps that are still in development. Simply upload your local app that you’re building in zip format to and they will provide you with a link … Continue reading

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25 nov

Microsoft & Store Copy Apple, In All Aspects

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What is good about having a lot of cash and time to develop your products? Well, you have the chance to copy a successful companies business model, in almost all aspects, to find your niche and compete on a high … Continue reading

22 nov

Nintendo Wii to Lead in New Generation Gaming

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Nintendo is now raising the stakes. In a world where gaming used to release consoles every two years or so, now with the new Nintendo, this will be a 6 year release cycle. To keep the money rolling in these … Continue reading

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19 nov

Emulation, Code Porting to OS’s, Mobile, and Steam moving to Linux?

***, Architecture, C++, Java, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Mobility, OS, Programming, Windows

Many people think that when you create an application, you are stuck with the Operating System that the app is created on. Not true. Code, that creates applications, is a lot like many other things in life: Power Adapters, USB … Continue reading

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13 nov

Merging and Comparing Documents: Araxis, WinMerge, Diff

***, DIY, Internet, Linux, Mac, Programming, Windows

I hope that I attract Web Developers and Tech Enthusiasts to this website. If you are a Web Developer, this may be just for you. If you are a Web Developer or a Programmer, you most often work with flat … Continue reading

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25 sep

LIFX: The Reinvented Light Bulb

**, Android, Entrepreneurship, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Mobility, Windows

This is what I’m talking about. A light bulb that lasts 25 years, network/smart phone ready and offers dozens of practical applications. Nearly 9,000 backers have pledged $1.3 million to fund this kickstarter project with 50 days left to go … Continue reading

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8 sep

Active Directory Federation Services – Single Sign On

***, Android, Apple, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Hardware, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Windows

Single Sign on is becoming more and more of a need that we all have to face when we integrate multiple services and application layers along our infrastructures. Remembering all of your usernames and passwords is tough enough as it … Continue reading

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3 sep

OS Market Share Overlook, Windows 7 Growing

***, Android, Apple, Hardware, Internet, Internet Explorer, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, News, Windows

I knew Windows 7 was going to take the new foothold in OS market share the day I installed the first Beta. My Windows Vista experience was so poor, that at the first sight of Windows 7, I jumped on … Continue reading

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29 aug

Airplay Direct: Network No Longer Required

***, Apple, Entertainment, Internet, iPad, Mac, Media, Mobility

When you’re able to mirror audio/video of your entire iphone/ipad or computer screen (OSX 10.8) wirelessly to a TV using a cheap $99 portable device (Apple TV 2), the possibilities are endless for presentation purposes. The only problem is, both … Continue reading

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8 aug

GNOME OS Plans with Touch Integration

**, Design, Linux, Mac, Mobility, News, Windows

Today, we have some basic operating systems that we all live and operate with today. On our desktops specifically, we deal with Windows, Mac, and multiple flavors of Linux, where Mac is now Linux operated. But with a couple of … Continue reading

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