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30 apr

Micro-Touch Trackpad’s like Apple for Windows

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In the world of peripherals, innovation and new can be expensive, tough sales, and resisted against. It’s something that Apple has done quite well with. One of the best and prime examples of a success, has been Apple’s trackpad. It’s … Continue reading

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24 apr

Perfect 16GB, i7 Ultrabook Laptop: Samsung Series 9

***, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Samsung, Windows

On April 15th, I posted about what I had thought to be the perfect laptop. I was looking at 32GB ThinkPad’s, which were going for around $2,000 – $2,500. But as I looked over at my Macbook Air, it did … Continue reading

23 apr

Microsoft Windows 8 Returning with the Start Button

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I have been doing my fair share of Windows 8 experimentations, mostly with my Media Center. For the media center, it has worked well. I have found my way around the hidden programs menus and being able to make control … Continue reading

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17 apr

What are DNS Servers and How do they Work?

***, Cloud Computing, DIY, Home Projects, howto, Internet, Linux, Windows

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. And a DNS Server is a web server that communicates and tells people / computers where written out host names and domain names exist on the Internet. It does this by translating a domain … Continue reading

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15 apr

The Perfect Laptop – Ultrabook with 16GB and an i7

***, Apple, ASUS, Electronics, Hardware, Mobility, News, Samsung, Windows

Ultrabook – A higher-end type of subnotebook, defined by Intel, designed to reduce size and bulk without compromising performance and battery life. Should maintain a 7 second resume from hibernation, have a minimum battery life of 5 hours, contain SSD … Continue reading

6 apr

Computer, Tablet, and Phone Depreciation are Terrible

***, Android, Apple, eBay, Electronics, Hardware, Linux, Mac, Windows

I am selling 4 laptops on eBay right now. Really, 4 freaking laptops. I counted the number that are in my possession right now and I have 8, laptops alone. I have 3 PC’s also. This max exodus should bring … Continue reading

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28 mar

The Windows 8 Media PC with a New SSD

***, Electronics, Entertainment, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Internet, Internet Explorer, Media, Microsoft, Netflix, News, Windows

If you have been following this week, you have heard about my tragic Western Digital Drive failing. Lol, I am just kidding, these things happen all the time, and my Media PC got a good and solid 3 years out … Continue reading

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5 mar

How Linux Developers Windows Hackers Switch to Mac

**, Apple, History, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Windows

There has been a talk the past month about the rise of Mac and fall of Windows. It isn’t like Microsoft and Windows has been completely wiped off the map, but it is true that at any tech related conference … Continue reading

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25 feb

CEO Friday: Why Not to Hire C# Developers

.NET MVC, ***, C++, ColdFusion, Entertainment, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, Windows

Hold on just a second. These are not my words. Exactly two years ago, this post came out, explaining why over at Expensify, they do not hire C# Programmers. Not because they were not talented, not because they are Microsoft … Continue reading

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14 feb

Setup 3 Node Cluster with CouchDB using nginx LB

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Databases, DIY, Electronics, howto, Internet, Linux, News, Windows

Oh, I love some of these cluster setups. One of the reasons I love these setups is because they are so extremely easy to create, at literally zero dollars to the client, if you hire the right person. Basically, to … Continue reading

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