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25 feb

CEO Friday: Why Not to Hire C# Developers

.NET MVC, ***, C++, ColdFusion, Entertainment, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, Windows

Hold on just a second. These are not my words. Exactly two years ago, this post came out, explaining why over at Expensify, they do not hire C# Programmers. Not because they were not talented, not because they are Microsoft … Continue reading

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19 nov

Emulation, Code Porting to OS’s, Mobile, and Steam moving to Linux?

***, Architecture, C++, Java, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Mobility, OS, Programming, Windows

Many people think that when you create an application, you are stuck with the Operating System that the app is created on. Not true. Code, that creates applications, is a lot like many other things in life: Power Adapters, USB … Continue reading

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10 jul

Robots Playing Ping Pong Against Each Other

**, beer, C++, Electronics, Hardware, Robotics

Robots are always a fascinating thing. Scientists and individual technologists use every day random things as tasks for robots to do to challenge their design and implementation skills. One of my first posts here was a robot fetching a beer … Continue reading

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9 jul

Video Radar for your Car – Entirely in C#

**, C++, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware

If you are into gadgets, you may like to add new and easy to use systems to your home theater system. Upgrade your home network with the latest network technologies? Or maybe you like to add radar detectors with CB … Continue reading

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8 jul

Objective-C is Taking Over C, Why? Apple

**, Apple, C++, DIY, iPad, iPhone, Java, Mac, Objective-C

It’s no surprise that Objective-C is making major roadways through the industry of software programming. Objective-C origins began in 1980 and has been readily adapted by Steve Jobs and NeXT computing. The syntax comes from Smalltalk and is considered a … Continue reading

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21 feb

Sublime Text Editor – The Best Ever?

C++, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Java, JavaScript, Linux, Mac, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Windows

Text Editors are extremely important to the web developer. And it’s important for programmers, specifically web programmers to be well versed in all Windows, Mac, and Linux environments. It’s also very easy to get stuck on one particular environment, where … Continue reading

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8 sep

Education: What if C++/Java was Mandatory in K-12?

C++, Hardware, Internet, Java, Programming

Personal computers have been around since the 1980’s. At the same time, computers have deeply saturated the market, to the point where almost every family has a computer and very close to everybody in the United States at least has … Continue reading

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23 aug

Automatic Muting for your TV – Build it

C++, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Media, Robotics

This was an amazingly thorough demonstration of how to build your own automatic mute device for your TV. If you are into hardware and software, it’s a cool demo.

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12 jul

12 Crazy Kinect Hacks

3D Graphics, C++, Games, Hacking, Hardware, Microsoft

Awesome video on many Kinect hacks done. I’m a little bit upset that somebody already did my Kinect Tetris, two or three times over. Mine is still unique and I’ll get to it once I’m not so busy. Anyways, watch … Continue reading

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10 feb

SDK Wars turn into Mobile Browser Wars

***, Android, Apple, Browsers, C++, Google, HTML5/CSS3, iPad, iPhone, Java, Microsoft, WebGL, Windows (Mobile)

I found this well thought out article here at TechCrunch about the future web and mobile world to be swept by HTML5. It’s an article on what the world of web technology is and where it will be in the … Continue reading