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1 jul

ColdFusion in Todays Web World – Railo

***, Architecture, CMS, ColdFusion, Databases, Internet, Rants

I was having a conversation with someone over the phone about ColdFusion and I received a pretty surprising comment, “ColdFusion, is that still around?” Jokingly of-course, but you would be surprised at how much ColdFusion still exists in today’s web … Continue reading

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25 feb

CEO Friday: Why Not to Hire C# Developers

.NET MVC, ***, C++, ColdFusion, Entertainment, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, Windows

Hold on just a second. These are not my words. Exactly two years ago, this post came out, explaining why over at Expensify, they do not hire C# Programmers. Not because they were not talented, not because they are Microsoft … Continue reading

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17 jul

My Work Taskbar – 26+ Applications at Once

***, Android, Chrome, ColdFusion, Databases, Design, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, Photoshop, PHP, Windows

Above and to the right are straight screen shots of what one of my workstations looks like. It’s almost no wonder that these days many of us require much more than 8GB of RAM. It seems that I am all … Continue reading

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17 nov

Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference

ColdFusion, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Mobility, Photoshop, User Experience, WebGL

We have just finished Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference, which I walked away from quite impressed. This was a 3 day conference north of Baltimore, MD focused around their SiteExecutive CMS system. I went representing American Public University Systems as … Continue reading

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28 oct

Node.js Tutorial – Step by Step HowTo

ColdFusion, Google, Internet, JavaScript, PHP

I’ve been meaning to implement Node.js with my Tetris game, so I went out looking for some tutorials. This is the one I think I’ll go ahead and use. Node.js is server side JavaScript. Server Side scripting with back-end JavaScript … Continue reading

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6 jul

Want the Rails Experience, for ColdFusion?

CakePHP, cfwheels, Ruby on Rails

I’m now working with ColdFusion again on a major project of mine. People may ask, why ColdFusion? Actually I hear that a lot. The truth of the matter is that ColdFusion is still very real, it’s being used all over … Continue reading