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13 aug

HTML Abstraction Markup Language – Haml

***, Architecture, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

You would think that the evolution of HTML is heading towards HTML5 and you would be thinking correctly. But there is another trend that Many, if not Most Web Programmers barely even scratch the surface of. HTML is a very … Continue reading

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28 jun

Accessible Screen Readers for Background Images in IE (Internet Explorer)

**, Chrome, DIY, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer

Accessibility is, in my opinion, very easy for developers to become compliant with. WCAG 2.0 AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the ever so outdated 508. It is easy, so if you have the extra time and the audience, please make … Continue reading

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21 may

Write Your Own Modal Window Script

**, Browsers, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

ModalWindow’s are pretty popular things these days. And they aren’t very difficult to do. In-fact, I would have to say that they are easier to do by hand, then to do by JavaScript inclusion. That could depend on how complex … Continue reading

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8 dec

Demo Your iOS App Within a Web Browser

**, Apple, Browsers, Chrome, Entertainment, Firefox, Games, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Media, Mobility, OS, Safari

Developers have an awesome new way to share and test their latest iOS apps that are still in development. Simply upload your local app that you’re building in zip format to and they will provide you with a link … Continue reading

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21 nov

Chrome Extension Stylebot

***, Chrome, Design, DIY, Google, Hacking, howto, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, User Experience

I use many web development chrome extensions every day to assist with my daily web responsibilities at the office. Meanwhile, I also use extensions to help with my browsing experience for general website surfing. My most recent chrome extension that I discovered … Continue reading

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20 nov

World of Web Design as a Layout in MVC

***, Browsers, Design, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Mobility, Photoshop

In all web applications, it’s easy to find developers copying code and not maintaining single source areas to provide content. Specifically with websites and web design, the need to have templates wrap content became apparent with static code represented in … Continue reading

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19 oct

Apple Makes Two Acquisitions: Particle and Color

*, Apple, Design, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Mobility, News

Do you remember the company that raised several million dollars to build an App, who did not even have a prototype, just an idea? This app was supposedly going to revolutionize the way that pictures are managed and collaborate social … Continue reading

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11 oct

Google’s mod_pagespeed 1.0 for Apache Released

***, Browsers, Design, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Media, Mobility, News, User Experience

If you are into Apache and web hosting, you are always open and looking at ways to increase the speed and performance of your website. Often times, it is your client telling you that the web app you created is … Continue reading

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9 oct

Responsive Web Design – The New Fad in Web Dev

**, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Mobility, User Experience

It’s interesting to see all of these design trends come, and then find new solutions and go; or trends to come and saturate, take up the market and become common place. Responsive Design may just be one of those fads. … Continue reading

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30 sep

Amazing WebGL Realtime Music Visualizations

*, 3D Graphics, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, News, WebGL

WebGL is an amazing technology, allowing OpenGL technologies to be ported to JavaScript and viewable in your web browser. Almost any browser actually: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9+. If you are on one of these browsers, you should really … Continue reading

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