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20 sep

Desktop HTML5: Still in the Back Seat, Just Waiting

***, Chrome, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, Microsoft

HTML5: It’s still not here… I almost feel like it’s a constant reminder that it will take some time for HTML5 to become realized, apparent, and saturated in the desktop world. With Internet Explorer’s ten year support model, we are … Continue reading

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16 aug

Is Flash Dead Yet? HTML5 to Replace?

**, 3D Graphics, Android, Apple, Google, Hardware, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, iPhone, News

Adobe announced that it will no longer be supporting Flash on Android devices. It’s not surprising, Apple came right out of the gate, stating that they would not support Flash and that the move to HTML5 should be easily attainable. … Continue reading

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2 aug

View Some WebGL Photo Manipulation

*, 3D Graphics, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, WebGL – Do you like WebGL, 3D graphics, and photo manipulation? Then I highly suggest that you give this link a try. Open it up with Chrome or Firefox and you will see some very fun manipulation of 3D photos.

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31 jul

Did HTML5 Demolish Flash? Or Something Else?

***, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, WebGL Here is a fantastic, fun, and easy to learn game. Take a tank, drive it around some objects, and shoot other tanks. Cannot get any more fun than that. The game is written in WebGL, which is OpenGL for … Continue reading

17 jul

My Work Taskbar – 26+ Applications at Once

***, Android, Chrome, ColdFusion, Databases, Design, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, Photoshop, PHP, Windows

Above and to the right are straight screen shots of what one of my workstations looks like. It’s almost no wonder that these days many of us require much more than 8GB of RAM. It seems that I am all … Continue reading

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14 jun

“Avoid the Tax, Use a Better Browser” IE7 Tax!

**, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, Microsoft

Internet Explorer 7 is one of those browsers that you must pay special attention too while developing websites. I talk about it all of the time. We no longer have to worry about IE6, unless you are doing something in … Continue reading

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28 may

Drive a Car in Your Browser with WebGL / JS

*, 3D Graphics, Browsers, DIY, Entertainment, howto, JavaScript, WebGL

I’m not really sure how I got off the topic of WebGL via JavaScript as it’s such a fascinating area to work. A year and a half ago, I launched my blog with a WebGL Tetris game as it was … Continue reading

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25 may

Pre-Processing CSS with SASS and LESS

***, Browsers, Design, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Media, Mobility

We’ve all heard of Pre-Processing your HTML, naturally this was an evolution of the web as server side interaction with clients seemed almost mandatory. Another common method and technique used today is the combination and minification of your JavaScript and … Continue reading

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2 apr

Watch US Wind Currents in Real Time – Canvas

Design, Entertainment, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

It takes a while to load, but if you want to watch the Wind currents across the United Stated, check out Using HTML5 and Canvas, you can watch how the wind is currently flowing around the country. New and … Continue reading

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29 mar

Dynamically Resize Background Images with jQuery

Browsers, Design, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript

jQuery is now by far, the leading JavaScript framework out there. Sure, there is still a lot of competition with YUI, Dojo, ExtJS, Scriptaculous, and others but when you see where jQuery came from and how far they’ve gone, you … Continue reading

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