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30 sep

Amazing WebGL Realtime Music Visualizations

*, 3D Graphics, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, News, WebGL

WebGL is an amazing technology, allowing OpenGL technologies to be ported to JavaScript and viewable in your web browser. Almost any browser actually: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9+. If you are on one of these browsers, you should really … Continue reading

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2 aug

View Some WebGL Photo Manipulation

*, 3D Graphics, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, WebGL – Do you like WebGL, 3D graphics, and photo manipulation? Then I highly suggest that you give this link a try. Open it up with Chrome or Firefox and you will see some very fun manipulation of 3D photos.

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31 jul

Did HTML5 Demolish Flash? Or Something Else?

***, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, WebGL Here is a fantastic, fun, and easy to learn game. Take a tank, drive it around some objects, and shoot other tanks. Cannot get any more fun than that. The game is written in WebGL, which is OpenGL for … Continue reading

28 may

Drive a Car in Your Browser with WebGL / JS

*, 3D Graphics, Browsers, DIY, Entertainment, howto, JavaScript, WebGL

I’m not really sure how I got off the topic of WebGL via JavaScript as it’s such a fascinating area to work. A year and a half ago, I launched my blog with a WebGL Tetris game as it was … Continue reading

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15 feb

Yahoo, Huge, Innovative, a Silent Leader!

3D Graphics, Facebook, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, WebGL, Yahoo

Yahoo is a huge company! It’s so easily pushed to the side by the other internet giants such as Google ($196B), Facebook ($100B), Amazon ($84B), and others. But Yahoo has a $20 billion market share and is a serious company … Continue reading

21 dec

WebGL Meets Google Maps with MapsGL

3D Graphics, Chrome, Google, Internet, WebGL

It’s as good a time as ever to start launching the latest in 3D web graphics into something that will need more and more 3D as it grows, Google Maps. The plus side to introducing WebGL into Google Maps is … Continue reading

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17 nov

Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference

ColdFusion, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Mobility, Photoshop, User Experience, WebGL

We have just finished Systems Alliance Empower 2011 Conference, which I walked away from quite impressed. This was a 3 day conference north of Baltimore, MD focused around their SiteExecutive CMS system. I went representing American Public University Systems as … Continue reading

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12 oct

ROME: “WebGL: The Technology Behind ‘3 Dreams of Black'”

3D Graphics, Browsers, Design, Media, WebGL

Expand your JavaScript capability. Evolve from static video to dynamic animation. Take a look:

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27 sep

Node.js WebGL on Desktop, Tablet, and Phone

Internet, JavaScript, WebGL

JavaScript is pretty much taking over the web world. Face it, JS compatibility, once in the realm of dark ages, has come to shine brightly throughout all sorts of processors. Take this as a quick example.

22 sep

Play WebGL Angry Birds in Google Chrome

Chrome, Google, WebGL

With the release of the Google Chrome Store, Angry Birds was released in WebGL! Play it with your Chrome browser or if you dare, your Chrome-book.