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11 aug

Frederick Web Tech – WebGL Presentation


Last night, I did a presentation on WebGL. We had a good response and some very interested people involved. Here are the slides, be sure to click on the YouTube links for demos: Thanks for coming out. Here’s a picture … Continue reading

22 jul

WebGL Google Search Page, or is it?

3D Graphics, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, WebGL

I’ll have to credit Michael from ECW who tweeted this in the morning, but looks like Google’s home page is done using some form of HTML5. I couldn’t quite pin-point exactly if it was WebGL or simple Canvas drawing, but … Continue reading

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15 jul

Flash Stage3D – Adobe’s Molehill Product vs WebGL.

3D Graphics, Apple, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, WebGL

With all this HTML5 talk, we are watching the internet turn 3D. Awesome! I like it, but with all the focus on WebGL specifically, most people simply count out Flash all together. But we have to be very careful now. … Continue reading

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17 jun

iOS5 – WebGL will not be Supported

3D Graphics, iPad, iPhone, WebGL

I found this from News from Apple’s Chris Marrin: “WebGL will not be publicly available in iOS 5. It will only be available to iAd developers.” This means we have to wait at least another year or two before … Continue reading

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16 jun

WebGL Camp – Online Video Presentations, Demos, and Help

3D Graphics, WebGL

Last week was WebGL Camp #3 at the Googleplex. If you have any interest in WebGL, you must check out this link here. It has each presentation that was done throughout the day, in addition to samples of code, examples, … Continue reading

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11 jun

WebGL Tetris v0.2 Out

3D Graphics, Home Projects, HTML5/CSS3, WebGL

I’m so very slowly working on my Tetris app. Work has me so busy that a couple months ago, I’ve frozen all three of my in-progress apps: Kinect, Android Voice, and WebGL Tetris. Today, I had a couple of hours … Continue reading

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10 jun

WebGLCamp chrysaora Jellyfish Example

3D Graphics, Chrome, Google, JavaScript, WebGL

At WebGL camp, there have been a lot of very nice demos. This one in particular, I found quite amazing. Aleksandar Rodić ( has done some amazing WebGL work, admitting that he doesn’t know C++ and is a full JavaScript … Continue reading

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10 jun

Google Cow – Google Body’s April Fools

Google, WebGL

For April Fools, the crew at Google Body released Google Cow. Well, it’s still around. I was not aware of this. You can check out the full anatomy of a Cow, here at:

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10 jun

WebGL Camp Live on YouTube

3D Graphics, beer, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, WebGL

While dodging Google bicycle’s, I made it out to a day long WebGL Camp (the third) that is taking place @ Google. I hear there are beers at the end. If you happen to be online, you can find the … Continue reading

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8 jun

Flash Workarounds for HTML5/WebGL Game Development

3D Graphics, HTML5/CSS3, WebGL

One of the largest topics here, it seems, is the future of web development with HTML5. Steve Jobs and Apple have very publicly voiced their opinions on the phase out of Flash and the implementation of Full HTML5 for games, … Continue reading