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18 oct

Explaining CakePHP – Overall Whiteboard View

***, Architecture, CakePHP, Databases, Design, Internet, Linux, Office

I was explaining and teaching someone CakePHP the other day. Naturally, a whiteboard gets used to share the overall view of the system. The specific version was CakePHP 1.2. And since I did this work, I thought I should share … Continue reading

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1 jul

Developers: Application Programmers vs Software Engineers

.NET MVC, **, Architecture, CakePHP, Databases, Hacking, Hardware, Java, Rants

I feel that there are very large differences between particular types of roles in the Information Technology world. It’s often times confused and misrepresented, so I’d like to clear this particular comparison up a little bit. There are many people … Continue reading

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27 jun

Develop in MVC, From a CMS

.NET MVC, ***, Architecture, CakePHP, Internet, Microsoft, Ruby on Rails

You have to develop a website application, you have 5 days to do it, and you want to keep the potential of expansible object orientation without having to tie together too many abstract frameworks together, what do you do? Why … Continue reading

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29 aug

.NET MVC4 Released, Popular, Rapidly Dominating

.NET MVC, ***, CakePHP, Internet, Java, Microsoft, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Windows

If anything, Microsoft is big on consistency and adopting to new technologies, no matter how long it takes. 6 Years after Ruby on Rails was first introduced (2005), Microsoft has released a true MVC framework .NET MVC3 which took center … Continue reading

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6 jul

Want the Rails Experience, for ColdFusion?

CakePHP, cfwheels, Ruby on Rails

I’m now working with ColdFusion again on a major project of mine. People may ask, why ColdFusion? Actually I hear that a lot. The truth of the matter is that ColdFusion is still very real, it’s being used all over … Continue reading

22 jun

Learn Object Oriented PHP / Ruby

CakePHP, Java, Ruby on Rails

When people hear about Object Oriented Programming, often they think of Java. Well, it’s all over the place, especially PHP. As projects grow throughout website development and application design, they tend to get more complex, repetitive, and often times, tedious. … Continue reading

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25 may

VS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress – Pick one

CakePHP, Design, PHP

A quick look at Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress… In the web world, we always hear about these three CMS systems. For one, they are all in PHP, and PHP is absolutely everywhere, so it’s easy to … Continue reading

11 may

Why use PHP Classes in Web Apps?

CakePHP, Internet, PHP

I was on a forum site when I noticed this question, began answering and thought it would be a great blog post. Quote: “I am an experienced PHP programmer, but in all the situations I have been in dealing with … Continue reading

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22 apr

CakePHP 4.0 – Larry Masters explains MRD Technology



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20 apr

CakePHP → Ruby on Rails Transition

CakePHP, Ruby on Rails

So, I’ve been using CakePHP for about 4 and a half years now, it’s time to add another weapon to the reprotar. I have it deployed for many projects, it’s great, works well, and has a lot of beneficial features. … Continue reading

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