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24 sep

Importance of Ticketing Systems in App Dev

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Ticketing Systems are extremely important in IT environments! In many places it’s pretty easy to find a single developer who is in charge of several requirements and development roles, where they are deploying or releasing an application that happens to … Continue reading

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25 aug

Windows 8.1 – Reverting back to Normal

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It’s funny, Windows continually has issues with new versions of their software. I wonder if it is because they charge so much money for their upgrades or if it is because they try to be so extreme with their new … Continue reading

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24 aug

Data Destruction with Old Hard Drives

***, beer, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, Rants

Every now and then, you realize that you have more hard drives than you know what to do with. Over the past year, I’ve been on a serious cleanup of all the technology I have laying around. Got rid of … Continue reading

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20 aug

IT Granularity – The Need of Business / Systems Analysts

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Granularity is an often overlooked subject in the IT world. The world of scope definition is only as good as how granular you can define that scope. Too many times in the IT world people overlook granularity. It is extremely … Continue reading

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16 aug

Hiring the Right Person for the Job by Communicating

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I talk about it all the time, but it seems that I need to continue to send the message. Communication is extraordinarily important in identifying whether you are the right person for a job. Without the ability to communicate, the … Continue reading

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31 jul

Surround Yourself by Inspirational People

***, Rants

I try to think of myself as a nice guy. Very open, great eye contact, listens carefully, can change any situation to something comical / lighten the mood. But from time to time, I find myself in a position, where … Continue reading

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30 jul

Challenging Yourself at an IT Position

***, Architecture, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Office, Rants

Oh boy, do I have an ego or something else. It seems that every position I hold these days, I cannot seem to find a position that challenges me enough! With any profession, once you delve into the world of … Continue reading

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27 jul

IP Vanish VPN to Surf Anonymously

**, Hacking, Internet, Mobility, Rants

Most people would ask, why do you even care about surfing anonymously. But what people do not realize, is that the majority of the sites that you log into are unsecured, non-encrypted. And it is likely that you are using … Continue reading

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23 jul

Joomla Plugin to Allow Module Rendering Dynamically

***, DIY, Internet, PHP, Rants

Wow, this might be a rare subject. Do you actually understand what I mean by this title? “Plugin to Allow Module Rendering Dynamically” ?? A lot of people in the CMS world deal with life on a very manual basis. … Continue reading

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12 jul

IT Professionals with Poor Communication Skills

***, Architecture, Companies, Entertainment, Internet, Office, Rants

I feel like this should be an ever evolving subject. IT seems to attract those who can think in one part of their brain but not the other. Communication skills are extraordinarily valuable when providing a service. My particular issue … Continue reading

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