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28 apr

1000 Posts on

*, Rants, Site Related

Can you imagine that? 1000 posts on I want to thank everyone for coming to the site and visiting. Earlier this year, there was a significant drop off in content that we were providing, but from the Analytics everybody … Continue reading

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27 apr

Flying Cars on the Market in 2015

*, Car Computing, Companies, News

Flying cars may not be that far out. It looks like there have been some incredibly amazing strides with the help of computer technology.

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27 jan

Guess Who Turned 30 Years Old? Macintosh

*, Apple, Companies, Electronics, History, Mac, News

A lot has changed in 30 years. Steve Jobs is no longer with us and the Macintosh revolutionized computers today.

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17 jan

Google Eyes Diabetes Battle With High-Tech Contact Lenses

*, Electronics, Google, News

A pretty cool video on how this contact lens type device can measure glucose levels for those with diabetes. Take it a step further, it could be the next evolution of Google Glass.

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14 jan

F-35 Unintentional Loop at Takeoff on a Carrier

*, Government, History, Robotics

Military stuff is always fun, just because of the budgets these guys have. But watch this incredible takeoff by an F-35.

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3 jan

Lets Start 2014 with a Bang!

*, Government

Technology is fun and Military Technology is just incredible. What do you get when you have nearly an unlimited budget for defense?

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25 dec

Merry Christmas Everyone!

*, Entertainment, News

Hi All, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope people at least found a couple of days to find some peace and spend time with family.

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19 dec

Lack of Posts

*, Site Related

Again, apologies for the lack of posts. Working, A-LOT!

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9 dec

Setting up a Foreign Key with PHPMYADMIN

*, Databases

It’s basic, but many may benefit.

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6 dec

Nanotechnology At it’s Best!

*, Companies

Do you want to see what nanotechnology can really do and how it can effect all of our lives? Our futures? Our potential to be more efficient, cleaner, and stronger. Just watch this video, you will keep watching. And these … Continue reading

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