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15 sep

Human Endused Climate Control Not a Concern?

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The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the up and coming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) “fifth assessment report” which should be published on September 27th. Like a lot of things these days, the preliminary reports have already … Continue reading

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29 apr

Earth’s Core Is Hotter Than Originally Thought

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Always like these science related videos.

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12 apr

US Reduces Space Research, Russia Increases

***, Government, News, Space

As the United States has begun to reduce and continues to dismantle their space program in an aim to save money, it looks like Russia is increasing their research and investing even more money into their space program. But the … Continue reading

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8 mar

Houston to Singapore in Less than 3 Hours via Space

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Cloning mice is getting incredibly easier in Japan and Ellington Airport in Houston, TX is working on a feasibility study to get a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration to become the first world travel space port in the United … Continue reading

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26 feb

Air Traffic Around the World: In Motion

*, Electronics, Space

There are a lot of people in the world. And there are a lot of people who need to travel around the world as well. Add all that up and put that on a map to view in a motion … Continue reading

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21 feb

Iceland, Nikola Tesla and Creating Efficient Energy

*, Electronics, History, Media, Space

Energy is an amazing thing that day to day, people and societies rely on. Watch this video for a second.

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28 jan

Have you ever heard what a meteor sounds like?

*, Entertainment, Space

Have you were ever wondered what a meteor sounds like? Well today is your lucky day. The below link will take you to a live satellite feed that will give you an opportunity to tune into the sounds of the universe. Space … Continue reading

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3 jan

A Hovering Dragon Fly Robot from Tech Jet

**, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Media, Robotics, Space

If you have seen all those drone helicopters, I have something at a whole new level. Modeling after a dragon fly, this robot will fly with it’s own wings, wiki, video recorder, gps, and much more. This project initially was … Continue reading

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5 nov

Boeing’s 787 ‘Dreamliner’ Makes Its Inaugural Flight

**, History, News, Robotics, Space

The Boeing 787 is now in the United States as United Air took it’s first flight from Houston to Chicago the other day. This will be the first composite structured air-craft in the US, making it a claimed 20% more … Continue reading

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25 oct

Ultra HD Television to Break the 1920×1080 Spec

***, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Media, Solar, Space

Proposed specifications for an even better High Definition TV have been around forever. Advanced science and space companies even have had these displays custom built for them to make their monitoring and display units even better. Film and movies have … Continue reading

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