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7 nov

Twitter IPO Blows Away with a 73% Pop!

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The graphs and overall market may look very conceiving to what actually happened. But what actually happened was that Twitter gave a very realistic price on their stock and it took off! Right out of the gate it was setup … Continue reading

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6 nov

Twitter to IPO at $26 for 70,000 Shares

**, Internet, News, Stock, Twitter We have been waiting for the price and how many shares to IPO for about 3 hours or so. And its here, Twitter will IPO at $26 a share with an offering of 70,000 shares. What a lot of … Continue reading

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18 oct

Google Stock Rises 13%, Over $1000, 833% Since IPO

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Google is seriously taking care of business! Now up over $1000 per share, I would wonder that many would think it’s over due for a split. With a percent earnings of about 30, it’s pretty regular that the hike and … Continue reading

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4 sep

2013 Richest Tech Moguls: Gates, Ellison, Bezos

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It’s pretty interesting to track down the Forbes richest people list. The markets are always fluctuating and peoples assets tend to shift from time to time. On this report, I’ll be reviewing the tech moguls, so here we go. # … Continue reading

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25 jul

Facebook to Crush Earnings, Especially in Mobile

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Facebook released earnings and it looks like they are now making some headway into their revenue figures. With the improvement of the Mobile Ad revenue, the company spiked 25%, which is incredible. That said, this company is trading at a … Continue reading

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21 jun

Yahoo Hanging by Straws, Relatively

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Yahoo used to be one of the largest competitors in the internet space, providing content, mail, search, and news for almost everyone. Remember AOL and how large they got. Since then they have sized down, much more than Yahoo. But … Continue reading

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16 may

Parking Lot to Hold Your Cash: MSFT, GOOG, AAPL

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The three major bellwethers in tech, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, some would even include Amazon, pull and push the trends in the tech industry. They dominate in the software on the web, the software on the client machines, the mobile … Continue reading

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7 mar

Samsung Payout for Patent Infringement on Apple Cut by $450M!

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Yes, yes… in most people’s minds, Apple beat Samsung and got $1B out of it. What people forgot is that the case was never closed and it still demanded a judge’s ruling on the trial by peers. The results, $450M … Continue reading

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23 jan

What Would You do with 137.1 Billion Dollars?

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What would you do with around $140 Billion? Would you buy small startup companies? Become a massive investor? Invent and Patent everything under the sun? Buy other peoples inventions and patents? What else could you invest with that much doe, … Continue reading

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5 dec

Apple isn’t going Up, What About Tech All-Together

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Technology, Small Caps, and Emerging Markets are typically a leading indicators of the stock market. Apple is a very good sign of where the market is heading as it is the most popular tech company, as well as the the … Continue reading

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