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18 oct

Google (GOOG) Falls 9% off Leaked Earnings

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Google dropped 9% today after earnings, which are supposed to be reported after the close of the day, were leaked to the street reporting a Huge $1.62 revenue loss per share. Google generated $11.33B, missing by $530M. It’s a huge … Continue reading

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13 oct

JIVE, Facebook Failing at Profiting off Social Networks

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Both Facebook and Jive seems to be failing at profiting and creating businesses out of social networks. It’s either they are failing at creating businesses, or the business hype for social networks is so enormous that valuation is so far … Continue reading

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12 sep

iPhone 5! Research, Invent, Milk, Sue, Rinse, Repeat

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Can you believe that the iPhone market phenomena has only been around for only 5 years? The original iPhone was released June 29th, 2007, giving us a variety of versions as the years have gone on. This first iPhone was … Continue reading

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8 sep

All About Facebook’s Stock and Value

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Facebook’s stock is now selling for less than half of it’s original value, $18.00!! With an IPO, which was originally listed as $25.00 and then moved to $38, Facebook’s stock valuation was a complete flop and completely incorrect judgement on … Continue reading

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27 aug

What Now? Apple vs. Samsung verdict of $1B by Jury

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Samsung, with a market cap around $170B, shed around 7% or $12B in market value due to declining stock price on the hype of the Apple win by Jury recommendation last Friday in the case Apple vs. Samsung, defending patents … Continue reading

19 may

Facebook (FB) IPO’s and Disappoints in Action

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The day so many people have been waiting for. It was because Facebook’s ownership had been split beyond 500 share’s that the SEC required Facebook to become a publicly listed company. And on Friday, Facebook became publicly listed to whomever … Continue reading

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4 may

Nasdaq Ticker ‘FB’ to be Listed May 18th

Facebook, Google, Internet, Stock

The company is already public, but how can you get in? When will it be publicly listed? Sources, including the Wall Street Journal, say that May 18th may just be that day. We have heard a lot of rumors, but … Continue reading

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4 feb

Facebook IPO Drives Zynga up 27%

Facebook, Games, Internet, Stock

Facebook was finally forced to become a public company as the number of investors has now outgrown the 500 investor limit. This has been rumored for some time, but now with the filing, which happened last Wednesday, it’s created a … Continue reading

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31 jan

Where is FCBK? NYSE or NASDAQ? Wednesday?

Facebook, Stock

There are so many questions lingering, while this Facebook IPO seems to be completely quiet and hush-hush! So far, we are hearing that the filing will take place tomorrow and that Facebook will try and raise approximately $5B. The valuation … Continue reading

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29 jan

Facebook to Go Public coming Shortly!

Facebook, Google, Internet, Stock

Facebook is currently valued somewhere around $50 Billion with the $450 Million investment from Goldman Sachs. But it’s now starting to look like Facebook’s valuation will be around $100 Billion making it one of the largest tech company IPO’s since … Continue reading

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