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15 may

F5 vs. Ctrl F5 vs. Ctrl Shift Del – Clearing Cache

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I always over hear these conversations. Here’s the scoop on [F5] vs. [Ctrl] + [F5]. [F5] Refresh Page [Ctrl] + [F5] Clean Cache and Session, but the Server may not serve up due to Cache-Control: no-cache settings. Then a complete … Continue reading

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8 oct

Nest Protect: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecter

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Nest Labs, the creators of the Nest thermostat, unveiled today their latest home control device, Nest Protect, a $129 smoke and carbon monoxide detecter in black or white models. What makes Nest Protect $100 more expensive than a traditional smoke … Continue reading

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23 jun

Comparable Matrix Between Smart Locks: Lockitron, Goji, August and Kevo

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Smart locks is the latest home automation technology craze that is growing in competition thanks to Bluetooth low energy (AKA Bluetooth Smart) found in many of the latest mobile phones and devices. First there was the popular Lockitron, which slips … Continue reading

28 mar

I am a Loyal Customer – Thank You

***,, User Experience

Wow, Thank You You have shocked and surprised me once again! Another reason I shop Amazon Prime exclusively. I bought a dual clip paper holder for my office setup that would be flexible and that I could move around … Continue reading

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21 nov

Chrome Extension Stylebot

***, Chrome, Design, DIY, Google, Hacking, howto, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, User Experience

I use many web development chrome extensions every day to assist with my daily web responsibilities at the office. Meanwhile, I also use extensions to help with my browsing experience for general website surfing. My most recent chrome extension that I discovered … Continue reading

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11 oct

Google’s mod_pagespeed 1.0 for Apache Released

***, Browsers, Design, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Media, Mobility, News, User Experience

If you are into Apache and web hosting, you are always open and looking at ways to increase the speed and performance of your website. Often times, it is your client telling you that the web app you created is … Continue reading

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9 oct

Responsive Web Design – The New Fad in Web Dev

**, Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, Mobility, User Experience

It’s interesting to see all of these design trends come, and then find new solutions and go; or trends to come and saturate, take up the market and become common place. Responsive Design may just be one of those fads. … Continue reading

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24 aug

Google Now is the New Personal Assistant with Augmented Search

***, Android, Apple, Google, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, User Experience

It was just a year ago when Apple revealed their iPhone 4s, their only phone to support their new personal voice assistant program, Siri, designed to revolutionize how to use and search the internet with your phone. Well, it’s a year … Continue reading

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12 may

Mobile Browsing Overtaking Desktop Browsing

Android, Browsers, Facebook, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, News, User Experience, Windows (Mobile)

Most websites typically do not have a 1 to 1 ratio between desktop and mobile browsing and achieving that is an amazing goal that many companies are striving to reach. Facebook appears to now have a 1 to 1 ratio, … Continue reading

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19 apr

Dropbox now has Drag and Drop Web Interface

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Dropbox is the company that took the jump on cloud storage, taking a simple concept of sharing your data across several machines by storing your data on a server and distributing. Dropbox is the premiere cloud storage system and as … Continue reading

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