PHP Array Beautifier

Version 3.2

This simple tool takes an array or object output in PHP, such as a print_r() statement and formats it to be easily readable. A new feature includes the ability to expand and contract the array to make things more manageable. In addition, if you would like to re-use the array, you can unserialize the object's serialized string, also exported.
New Fixes (2015.07.10):
  • Added strip slashes to keys
New Fixes (2015.06.11):
  • Escaping Quotes
  • Print in Text format
  • Array Keys can now use 'a' to 'Z' characters, '0' to '9', and '_', '-', ' ', '!', '#', '+', ':'
    Thanks for the find Maarlock

Code to Transform:

Change Log:


  • Escaping Quotes
  • Print in Text Format
  • Array Keys can now use 'a' to 'Z' characters, '0' to '9', and '_', '-', ' ', '!', '#', '+', ':' - Found by Maarlock
  • Rebuilt into Data Model
  • Convert to Object Script
  • Clean Print of Data after Object Encoding
  • Expand and Collapse
  • Serialized Object
  • Route Display


  • Corrections for bad Data
  • Color Coding
  • Example Dump Code


  • Simple Tabbing Export

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